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26 Oct

Volumetric Infusion Pumps Delivered To Hospital Selayang

On 22nd October 2021, 3 sets of Volumetric Infusion Pumps (VIPs) were delivered to Hospital Selayang. These medical equipment serves to support COVID-19 patients. The demand for VIPs has increased phenomenally due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It is a medical device that is capable of delivering continuous and controlled amounts of fluids at varying rates, depending on a patient’s need. It is commonly used to control the flow of intravascular drugs, fluids and...

26 Oct

Hospital Kuala Lumpur Receives AEDs Under CovidFund

On 20th October 2021, 5 sets of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) were delivered to the Emergency & Trauma Department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. These medical equipment were handed over to the hospital by Gordon and Dr. Tan from Rotary Club Pantai Valley.   The effects of COVID-19 on patients are not restricted to the lungs. Facing up to the pandemic, Covid-19 patients are developing heart problems and also dying of cardiac arrest. This has led to an increasing demand for...