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25 Jun

AROMA Flour Donates 1,600 Packets to Free Makan

Industri Makanan Jati Sdn Bhd, a company that produces Aroma flour, famously used for frying, donated 1,600 packets of its flour to the Free Makan’s Stop Hunger! Help Feed 10,000 B40 Families campaign. The company specialises in manufacturing various types of crispy flour; Aroma Fried Chicken Flour, Aroma Kentucky Flour, Aroma Tempura Flour and Aroma Fried Banana Flour. The company was established since year 2001, their mission is to help local restaurants outlets and hawker stalls compete with international and established brands. The...

25 Jun

Report: Stop Hunger – Help Us Feed 10,000 B40 Families

4,000 families. RM200,000. Over 200 locations across Klang Valley, ranging from Brickfields right up to Sabak Bernam. Free Makan’s first two phases have been an incredible success! However, we’ve seen that there is an overwhelming need across B40 communities and as such, the Free Makan campaign has expanded to feeding 10,000 B40 families and raising RM500,000 by July. To give you more of an insight into Free Makan’s pathway to feeding 10,000 B40 families, the following report details our processes, logistics, progress, collaborators...

21 Jun

Free Makan To Feed 10,000 B40 Families During The FMCO

Within our concrete jungle, where the usual hustle and bustle of city life has been silenced due to the disastrous Covid-19 pandemic, there live communities of people who have suffered beyond comparison. Job losses, diminishing incomes and a lack of support have left these marginalised families more vulnerable than they already were.  The recent FMCO has only worsened their circumstances. While the general population frets over vaccinations and restrictions, these families are concerned about whether they will be...