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25 Jan

RM35,000 Raised Leaves a PERMAnent Impression on Children Across Selangor

With the world under lockdown and Santa being unable to cross borders, the Christmas of 2020 didn’t look like it was going to be as bright and cheerful as any of its predecessors. Children in Selangor would have to spend their Christmases stuck indoors, with none of the joy and excitement a normal holiday season would bring, or so it seemed. But PERMA had just the project to save 2020’s Christmas. If you don’t already know, PERMA stands for Persekutuan...

25 Jan

Our Story : The Flood Relief 2021

This was the scene; flood-ravaged homes caused by thunderstorms, mud covered walls, furniture beyond salvage, ruined electrical appliances and kitchen utensils. In one of the worst floods to hit the country in decades, 50,000 people in Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor, were displaced, and forced to flee their homes. As water levels started rising, many fled with little more than just the clothes on their backs, leaving behind personal and prized possessions. Families had little or no choice, but to abandon...

25 Jan

Providing Relief to Raub’s Most Affected

Fig 1: A family posing for a picture with supplies and stoves meant for 20 families in Jeram Besu. All eyes have turned to the flood-hit regions of Malaysia. With supplies, resources and morale running low, the survival of these communities are a cause for great worry. These atrocities, combined with the worsening Covid-19 spread across the country, are severely affecting the livelihoods of these flood victims. Due to the goodwill of Malaysians all over, GiveBACk.my hit RM50,000...

07 Jan

Malaysia Flood Relief 2021 (Raub)

While some of us have been enjoying the weather recently, torrential rain has caused flash floods in Raub and other towns in Pahang. More than 2,000 people have been displaced, forcing them to seek shelter in temporary relief centres. GiveBACk.my, an offshoot of the Make It Right Movement, had organised a donation drive fundraiser. With Rm11,315.00 raised thus far, the team set off on their mission to deliver supplies in aid of Raub’s flood victims. Villages and families in dire need...