19 Oct

Project DEEP – Empowering Malaysians for the Future

This year has been an especially challenging one as we are faced with COVID-19. It has impacted all of us in so many ways. Yet, it has also united all of us to fight the pandemic as a community and as a nation.   Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from the coronavirus is our main priority followed by job security as we need to provide for our families. Business owners adapting to the...

16 Oct

Making It Right in the New Normal

  In a year of unprecedented challenges, we all need to come together to help and support one another through life’s difficult moments. The Make It Right Movement (MIRM) has been doing exactly that through various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.   Founded in 2015 by Mr. Raja Singham, MIRM is a CSR initiative by the BAC Education Group that aims to enrich communities and transform lives by making a positive impact in society. MIRM collaborates with...

29 May

Giving Back in Times of Crisis to Stop Hunger

Although Malaysia is moving towards becoming a developed nation, certain segments of society such as the B40 Indian women community still live in extreme poverty. Life is certainly not a bed of roses but a daily uphill battle for these women who struggle to put food on the table to feed their families even before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their livelihoods are in turmoil since the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO), as most of them are predominantly...

28 May

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors – Rebuilding Violence-free Lives for A Better Tomorrow

According to the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), approximately 9% of Malaysian women who have ever been in a relationship, have experienced domestic violence. It is alarming to note the prevalence of this issue in Malaysia, as this percentage amounts to over 800,000 women across the nation! Those who were strong-willed and lucky enough, managed to escape this ordeal through the support from family and friends. Others were forced to flee the horrors of abuse by leaving their homes with their children...

27 May

The PPR Plight: Feeding Hope to the Hungry

The COVID-19 pandemic brought forth a plethora of issues, turning the world we used to know upside down. While some of us are still able to live in comfort and adapt to the “new normal”, these are tough times for poor communities who struggle to make ends meet to feed their families even before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. One such community lives at the PPR flats in Lembah Subang, where 80-90% of its approximately 20,000 denizens fall under the hard-core...

27 May

Surviving the Despair of the COVID-19 Pandemic with a Little Help

Many communities globally were thrown off-balance by the COVID-19 pandemic which affected lives in more than one way. From one week to the next, the whole landscape of work has changed for millions especially for the often-forgotten vulnerable communities such as migrant workers and refugees who work on daily wages – which has all but disappeared. The Movement Control Order (MCO) brought despair to tens of thousands of migrant workers as many of them live on daily wages which automatically dried...