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Raised: RM75,691.90
Goal: RM100,000.00

Torrential rains over the past few days have caused flash floods to strike Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor. More than 50,000 people are displaced by the rain...

Current Projects

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    Malaysia Flood Relief 2021
    Raised: RM75,691.90
    Goal: RM100,000.00
    Torrential rains over the past few days have caused flash floods to strike Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor. More than 50,000 people are displaced by the rain and massive landslides. People had to leave their homes and seek shelters in temporary relief centres.
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    Feed the Poor
    Raised: RM1,560.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    As the pandemic makes finding food even harder for those living in extreme poverty, Kebso.Life is providing food baskets directly to hungry children and families in Malaysia.
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    BAG2School: Help Equip an Underprivileged Child
    Raised: RM1,450.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    Let's bring hope this holiday season, to low-income children who don't have the school supplies they need to succeed.
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    Operation Santa Paws: Feed our Furry Friends!
    Raised: RM3,840.00
    Goal: RM4,000.00
    Christmas and New Year is the season of giving and what better way to give than to help an animal in need? Over 200 animals at SPCA Kajang will spend this holiday season in a shelter awaiting their furever home.
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    Help the Crisis Home Community Survive COVID-19
    Raised: RM2,640.00
    Goal: RM3,000.00
    In times of crisis, vulnerable communities often slip through the cracks and overlooked. One such community is individuals/families living with HIV.
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    A Student A Laptop
    Raised: RM5,755.00
    Goal: RM10,000.00
    Since the Movement Control Order, many students had to stay home due to physical distancing rules. Having no access to the necessary tools and internet connectivity mean that many students (from low–income families, marginalised communities and remote areas) are unable to attend online classes and continue studying from the safety of their home.

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Giveback.my seamlessly connects to a variety of charitable causes that urgently need your help. With new causes added weekly, simply click on the cause(s) that is close to your heart and make a difference today!

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Under each cause, there will be a distinct set of details and instructions for you. As each cause is managed by a dedicated NGO or charitable body, details for a successful donation may vary, i.e. bank account details, methods of donations and more.

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Why is it VITAL to send us proof of your donation?
As 100% of all contributions are directly channelled into the relevant NGO’s or charity’s bank account, this is an IMPORTANT step that will enable us (the GiveBack.my team) to track the status of each cause in real time.

Thus, if any cause falls short of its allocated goals, we will be able to trigger the BAC Education Group’s pledge to ‘Top-Up’ any shortcomings in a much more effective and timely manner with minimum disruptions to achieve the intended goal.

This will also enable us to troubleshoot any administrative issues that may arise.

Past Projects

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    Round 2 : Stop Hunger: Help our B40 Indian Women
    Raised: RM5,000.00
    Goal: RM5,000.00
    They are the people experiencing disadvantage, B40 Indian women, in three states, who were already struggling to afford to feed their families. They are now finding it even more challenging to feed themselves and their families. These are the community members most at risk during this pandemic and whose livelihoods are facing the worst-case scenario. They are in dire need of food supply during this difficult time as they are now unemployed and to conserve what little they have; they are just having one meal a day. They absolutely do not have any savings. Some of the households have 4 to 5 mouths to feed.
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    Support Malaysia’s Most Vulnerable in the Fight Against COVID
    Raised: RM7,580.00
    Goal: RM7,500.00
    When you wash your hands, please spare a thought for those who cannot afford the basic bar of soap we take for granted. It has become the difference between health and death. But it doesn’t need to be. Let us all help the less fortunate as their welfare must be seen as our welfare.
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    The Dua Ringgit Project – Hope for Sabah
    Raised: RM4,000.00
    Goal: RM4,000.00
    Sabah has been hit hard by the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prolonged quarantine of vulnerable communities has caused many households to lose their main source of income, causing them to live on less than RM 7 a day until their savings run dry.
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    Give Hope This Lunar New Year
    Raised: RM1,500.80
    Goal: RM1,500.00
    As homes are filled with the cheer and warmth of family and friends during the Lunar New Year, we seek your help to bring festive joy and hope to the senior citizens of the Tong Sim Senior Citizen Care Centre.
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    Feed our Furry Friends
    Raised: RM9,000.00
    Goal: RM9,000.00
    SPCA Kajang needs your support at this critical moment to be able to continue feeding the stray dogs in and around Bangar Sg. Long.
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    The Youth Entrepreneur Empowerment Project
    Raised: RM2,000.00
    Goal: RM2,000.00
    In the 21st century, it is essential for our nation’s youths to stay ahead of the employment curve, standing up and taking charge of their lives by creating jobs independently in curbing unemployment. The Accelerate Reach Entrepreneurship Program is a 3 1/2 months program designed to empower youths by helping them become micro-entrepreneurs.
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