According to the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), approximately 9% of Malaysian women who have ever been in a relationship, have experienced domestic violence. It is alarming to note the prevalence of this issue in Malaysia, as this percentage amounts to over 800,000 women across the nation!

Those who were strong-willed and lucky enough, managed to escape this ordeal through the support from family and friends. Others were forced to flee the horrors of abuse by leaving their homes with their children in tow to seek shelter and a violence-free life with nothing but their bag of clothes, if lucky, and their meagre savings. There is no pot of gold waiting for these vulnerable women at the end of the rainbow, as they are quickly thrown into a new reality after leaving behind their previous lives. This is more so for those who come from lower income groups and with several children to support; they have to strive day and night to make ends meet to sustain themselves and their children.

With the COVID-19 pandemic hanging over the nation, hopelessness loomed over this community. Since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in mid-March, many who are daily wage earners lost their jobs and are unable to seek employment to continue supporting their families.

In helping these vulnerable women tide through these uncertain times, PERMA teamed up with, a crowdfunding platform powered by the BAC Education Group to raise funds to support 100 of these survivors and their families in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

PERMA is a society that supports marginalised communities in Malaysia such as the under-privileged and physically challenged communities, in line with its vision of working towards a harmonic multi-racial society and establishing a caring society for all Malaysian to live in by serving the community.

Via, fellow Malaysians were encouraged to show their care and support for this community by donating RM100 for one family. A total of RM10,300 was raised for this cause, with RM3,500 raised by PERMA and the remaining RM6,800 from the collaboration with

According to PERMA’s recent Facebook post, RM10,100 worth of groceries and mask packs were delivered by PERMA volunteers Ms Indira and Ms Sumithra to WAO on 22nd May. WAO will be distributing the same to 100 single mothers who were domestic violence survivors, just in time for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. PERMA also thanked for the collaboration and support for this cause in the same post.

To all domestic violence survivors, we salute your bravery in stepping out into the unknown to rebuild a better tomorrow for yourself and your family – we got your back!

Kudos to all the kind-hearted members of society who helped these survivors gets through COVID-19 by giving back to this cause!